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Individual coaching

Are you looking for an innovative coaching method that suits you? During the coaching process my clients discover and learn to follow their inner creative voice, and to achieve harmony and alignment with their individual needs. The result is a refreshing new dynamic in your life and a more relaxed and effective interaction with others. The coaching sessions will bring you new insights and innovative approaches to solving current challenges.

Why coaching?

What coaching can bring you:

  • Release of potential
  • More self-confidence
  • Better communication skills

The creative process promotes self-confidence. When you work with me systematically to understand your own life purpose, a deeper connection will emerge between your talents and your dreams.

In addition, I can draw on my own past and experience if you are

  • Kopp/Kov (= child of parents with mental health problems/addiction).
  • Are a grandchild of war refugees or dealing with (collective) trauma.
  • are dealing with issues around grief and loss.

Thanks to my history as a descendant of refugee families, I can look together with you at how you can find your own place.

Coaching – with music

I use Systemic Work – Theories, Transactional Analysis, NLP and music for coaching people who want to move forward.


  • Has the unique ability to bring emotion and mind together in people.
  • has the power to express emotions and make them tangible.
  • brings peace, time and reflection.