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Inspiring violin lessons in Oegstgeest

Violin lessons in Oegstgeest

It is said that the violin is one of the most difficult musical instruments to master. My violin lessons in Oegstgeest are a first step on the way to becoming the violinist you want to become. You will receive violin or viola lessons from me as a classically trained musician with experience in different styles of music and years of teaching experience with all age groups.

What possibilities does the violin offer?

Many people associate the violin primarily with classical music. And that is logical, because chamber music and the orchestral repertoire would be unthinkable without the violin. But the violin has so much more to offer! In the most diverse folk music genres (Romania or Ireland, but also in the tango) the violin plays an important role, but often a completely different one than in a string quartet or in a violin concerto. And of course, the violin is indispensable as a soulful voice in film and pop music. In short, the violin is a versatile instrument that has its place in has its place in almost every musical genre. Without the support of an experienced violin teacher, learning to play the violin is a very challenge. With many movements, the devil is in the detail. For example, good bowing posture bow posture depends on the correct position of the right hand, and a warm sound requires as much care as the as much care as the choice of fingerings for the left hand. Fortunately, I can fortunately support you in this. I am a violinist and violist trained at the Cologne Conservatory.

I have played with various ensembles at home and abroad and was a permanent member of the Metropole Orchestra. Whether you want to play classical music, jazz or pop, I have years of experience in teaching all age groups. Furthermore, I am a passionate music educator, which I have proven with the radio ensembles and the Concertgebouw Orchestra. Whatever genre appeals to you, I can support you in it.

Interested in violin lessons in Oegstgeest?

Are you interested in my violin lessons in Oegstgeest? Give me a call. Then we can find out together how far you want to go with your violin playing and how my lessons can help you to realize your musical dreams. The ideal lesson is different for different for each person. Therefore, please come to a trial lesson, then we can together plan violin lessons that are tailor-made for you. Even if you would like to know more you can reach me here.