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Inspiring piano lessons in Oegstgeest

Piano lessons in Oegstgeest

Do you live in the vicinity of Leiden or Oegstgeest and want to learn to play the piano?
Or are you a budding pianist who wants to build the foundations for a career as a musician with an experienced piano teacher?
At Music Work you can take piano lessons in Oegstgeest. I have years (50 years) of experience on the piano and other keyboard instruments in the genres of classical, pop, gospel and film music. I give my piano lessons to pianists of all ages. I can support any piano talent in Oegstgeest in their musical development.

Why piano lessons?

The piano is one of the most versatile musical instruments. Many famous classical composers have written music for it, but the piano also plays an important role in jazz and pop music. In addition, the piano fits into a wide variety of ensembles and bands. For example, you can play solo piano pieces by Beethoven or Mozart. But you can also accompany singers -perhaps even yourself! – and play along with a band or in an orchestra. Many classical composers, but also the stars of pop, jazz and film music have written their masterpieces on the piano, and the stars of the music business continue to do so today. The piano is therefore an instrument on which (almost) anything is possible! Even the best pianists once started small. Are you looking for someone who can support you in your first keyboard adventures? Or have you been playing for a while and want to refresh certain skills? I can help you with that. In the past I have played a leading role in the music education work of the radio ensembles and the Concertgebouw Orchestra. For years I have been giving music lessons to all age groups. I have also played with various ensembles at home and abroad and was a permanent member of the Metropole Orchestra. I would be happy to help you become a better pianist, whether you want to play classical music, jazz or pop.

Interested in piano lessons in Oegstgeest?

Are you interested in my piano lessons in Oegstgeest? Give me a call. Then we can find out together how far you want to go with your piano playing and how my piano lessons can help you to realize your musical dreams. The ideal lesson looks different for every person. Therefore, please come to a trial lesson, then we can plan piano lessons together that are tailor-made for you. Even if you would like to would like to know more, you can reach me here.